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Female Solo Traveller

Female Solo Traveller

A small and well deserved indulgence for female solo travellers to celebrate Watamu, in the most romantic getaway on the coast. A double room with no supplement for single occupancy on top of the renowned traditional Lonno Lodge hospitality.

Lonno Lodge seen from the front of the garden

Resort, Lodge or Boutique Hotel?

Who are we? Sooner or later we have to ask ourselves this question. Resort Lodge Hotel or Boutique hotel? We’ve even searched on Wikipedia, but….. 🙂
A wonderful recommendation sent by one of our very kind guests lets us explain what Lonno Lodge is.

Airport in Malindi with Airplane on runaway and operators at work

Flights to Watamu

Well, obviously there are no direct flights to Watamu, the 2 closest airports are Malindi and Mombasa. All the international flights land directly into Mombasa or into Nairobi, and then from Nairobi you can fly down to Malindi or to Mombasa with a local flight. 6 flights a day are now available.