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Do you have Frequently Asked Questions? We have Frequently Answered Questions.

Do you have Frequently Asked Questions? We have Frequently Answered Questions.

How far is Watamu Beach from Malindi Airport?

Roughly 20 km of good road, consider some 30 min. drive

How far is Watamu Beach from Mombasa Airport?

A little more than 120 km through a very nice scenery, on a good paved road, it will take you a couple of hours. The road from Mombasa Airport through Mariakani

Do you offer a transfer service from the airport to the lodge?

Yes, we do. You can book a transfer during the reservation process, or get in touch with us later on. [more info].

Do I need a Visa to visit Kenya?

It depends on the Country you’re from, probably yes. The good news is that you can register online and apply online, easy and quick, simply head to http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html.
note: always use this official government website, avoid third party entities charging you abnormal amount of money.

Do I need vaccinations to visit Kenya?

Clearly you should first at all check with your doctor, who knows your health situation, or the medical advice released from your Country. We’re not doctor ourselves, but we know by direct experience after 16 yrs in Kenya that a vaccination against malaria for a holiday in Watamu is very rarely needed.

Are there mosquitoes in Kenya?

Yes, of course there are. But Lonno Lodge is so clean that mosquitos do not reproduce as quickly as other places with stagnant waters, and the breeze and the wind on the cliffs where we sit further reduce their presence. Btw .. all of our beds have mosquito nets.

Do I need a mosquito repellent in Watamu?

We always stock some mosquito repellent to offer to our guests, particularly if they plan to visit restaurants in Watamu at night. It’s not that much needed at the Lonno Lodge, but in case it is readily available.

When is the best season to visit Kenya, and the coast?

During the rainy season (roughly May and June) it is very common to have .. ergh .. rain, and a slightly colder weather, any other month is just perfect.

What are the best places to visit while in Watamu?

Too many to list them all! Let’s here remember the Turtle Watch, the Snake Farm, the Old Gede Ruins, the Mida Creek, the Ecoworld Watamu, the community owned Crab Shack, Marafa Depression, Arabuko Sokoke National Park, …

What are the best activities to enjoy and experience while in Watamu?

Diving and snorkeling (we are inside the Watamu Marine National Park), kite-surfing, canoeing inside the Mida Creek, sailing for a Dhow Cruise, following a Yoga class or enjoying a relaxing massage, …

How to dress for a Safari in Kenya? What should I bring with me?

We got you covered, read this Beach & Safari packing list.Soni Side Up Packing for a Beach and Safari Holiday

Which currency can I use in Kenya?

The official currency of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KSH; KES) but Euros and US Dollars are widely and commonly accepted. There are banks and a couple of Money Exchange where you can change your money. Always pay attention to the exchange rate of the day.

Is my credit card accepted in Kenya?

Technically speaking … yes, all the most important credit cards are accepted, but clearly depends on the single activity’s decision. The larger it is, the more common that they accept credit cards. As for the Lonno Lodge, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. And PayPal too.

Can I use my ATM card in Kenya?

Yes, and in Watamu too. Please check commission or additional fee for ATM withdrawal with your bank before leaving home.

Will I pay commission fees when using my credit card in Kenya?

Not always, more often you will not. A shop can decide to include its commission on the sale price, or to add it on top. Remember to verify that before concluding a purchase.

What plugs are used in Kenya? What’s the power voltage?

The standard socket is the UK type, and the voltage is 230V. Our rooms offer several multi-standard sockets, so that you do not have to travel with a lot of adapters

Will my mobile phone work in Kenya? And during a Safari?

Yes, it will, but we suggest to pay attention to roaming costs, you better get a local SIM. Your phone will probably not work while on Safari 🙂 but several lodges or tented camps have some WiFi.

How can I buy a local SIM card in Kenya?

There are a lot of stores where you can get a SIM card, you only need your passport in order to be able to get one. The SIM itself only costs 100-200 KSh (1-2 USD), then you can add voice traffic or data traffic. Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom are the three carriers active in Kenya

Is WiFi available in Kenya?

Widely, and the speed is improving day by day, not only in big towns but in Watamu too. Do not expect optic fibre speed, though, but it’s good enough to upload your photo on social media account, make video calls, check Youtube or other streaming sites. Btw .. at the Lonno Lodge WiFi is complimentary.

Can I bring gift to local children in Kenya? What should I bring?

Yes, you could, but you may not want to. Everything you “bring in” is not purchased in Kenya, which is a detriment to local activities. You may want to consider to buy something locally to be donated to kids and children, you’ll be surprised to discover that almost everything you need can be purchased locally, usually at cheaper prices, so to help children as well as local businesses. Two birds with one stone 😉

Is Watamu Beach a safe and protected area?

Yes, it is. Crime in tourist areas is not common, Kenya also has a Tourist Police patrolling areas with the highest concentration of tourists. The so called “beach boys” too are not a threat, maybe they tend to be a little bit too “pushy” (they live on selling) but that’s all.

May I go snorkeling in Watamu?

Watamu sits on the Watamu National Marine Park, a real heaven for snorkeling and diving. And from the Lonno Lodge, at low tide, you can reach the coral reef simply walking, we have a couple of very nice spots to suggest you.

Can I go diving in Watamu? Is there a PADI?

Sure! There are a few options, and a PADI centre too.

How can I move around in Watamu?

There are several Taxi available, day and nights, and you can also book them in advance, get in touch with concierge for assistance. A nice option for short routes (for example reaching Watamu from the Lonno Lodge) is represented by a Tuk-Tuk (a three-wheeled motor vehicle) or, if you’re really brave, a Bajaj (basically a motorcycle with a driver). We also offer transfers to Watamu and close by attractions with our private van for a nominal fee.Tuk-Tuk for Lonno Lodge guests

Are there supermarkets in Watamu?

Yes, there are two different supermarkets and several grocery stores.

What about tipping in Kenya?

A tip is always appreciated, and Kenya is not different in this sense, but tipping is not mandatory (like it is in USA, for example), you can leave a tip if you’re particularly satisfied with the service.

Is The Charming Lonno Lodge directly on the sea?

Absolutely yes, we’re on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with direct access to the beach in just a few steps.

Do you have a sandy beach?

At low tide you can walk down to three small secluded beaches, or visit the tiny islands in front of us, or even take a longer walk to the centre of Watamu (remember your reef shoes). This means that at low tide our position lets you enjoy the beach if you want it, or appreciate privacy, silence and relax when you’re not “all that interested” in curio sellers.

Do you offer a Buffet service?

No, sorry, we don’t. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always with service at the table.

Do you have a vegetarian or gluten-free menu?

Yes, we do, we also a free cookbook for you to download to let you have a first glimpse on our menu. [more info]

Is the water safe to drink?

If you mean “at the Lonno Lodge” the answer is: absolutely yes! Not only out of the dispensers you find in your room, but also from the taps of your room. We have a water maker, a desalination plant if you prefer, and we produce our own water to serve to our guests, and to ourselves.

What if I forgot home the toothbrush, or the toothpaste, or my razor, etc.?

Get in touch with the reception, we can assist you and purchase for you the missing toiletry items at the local supermarket.

What’s the rate for a night at The Charming Lonno Lodge?

The best and quickest way to know the whole range of our rates is to reach out for www.lonnolodge.com/booking, type in the desired dates and number of guests, and the rates will be immediately returned, always updated and including special offers too.

Do you offer also Half Board or Full Board only?

Yes, a Half Board is also a possibility, we suggest and price our Rooms and Suites in Full Board for ease of mind, so that you don’t have to wander around under the sun looking for a restaurant, if you don’t want to. Beside regular lunch and dinner we also have Light Meal menu and a Bar Snack menu [more info].