Get your family together, the whole hotel is reserved for you

Get your family together.

An exclusive-use booking offers the chance to personally tailor an unforgettable experience in Watamu combined with the Lonno Lodge renown world-class dining.

Get your family together somewhere private and safe.

Birthdays or Anniversaries are the perfect moment to put the family together. The end of lock-downs too!

How long has it been since you’ve seen your mother? Or your brother? Your sister? No, I’m not saying see them through Skype or Zoom or WhatsApp, but see them in person, in front of you. Long time, right? Well, now that the lock-down is over, it’s time to start living with our loved ones again, to meet them, to share the pleasure of spending some time together.

Now is time to organize a “family reunion” to see each other in person after these weeks (months!) of lock-down. The time to take a break and return to live and share joys and emotions, especially with your loved ones and your family, and also, why not, take some well-deserved rest and vacation.

Sure, when you decide to hold a family reunion, you realize that it takes very little to bring a large number of people together. There are you, your husband and the children, then your sister with her family, your brother-in-law with the twins, and then your grandparents, and your husband’s aunt who is so nice … in an instant you’re with 15 or 16 names or even more!

This is why having a lot of space for you is really important, just as it is important that everyone has their own personal corner to rest and relax, while sharing with the family the moments of leisure, lunches, swimming in the pool, walks at low tide or excursions to Watamu and its surroundings.

Walking trail in Lonno Lodge Mature Garden
15,000 sqm of mature tropical garden

Of course you can arrange this meeting at the home of one of the household members, but then .. who’s going to clean it up? Or you can rent a villa with space for everyone (will it be safe? will it be disinfected enough?), final cleaning is almost always included in the price, but .. do you really want your mum to cook for all those people? And the shopping, who’s going to do it?

No, there is no doubt, the best solution is definitely to rent an entire hotel (gasp!), with all the rooms reserved for your family, and with all the staff at your service for cleaning, cooking, for the restaurant … everything just for you, no guests other than those you have invited. Which is an improved guarantee for cleanliness and safety, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we Aldo & Silvia live inside the lodge, always available in case of need or for some particular need. Privacy, safety and security, all combined in the same place.

Get your family together at The Charming Lonno Lodge, exclusively yours, in Watamu

Lonno Lodge Grand Suite

An exclusive-use reservation offers the chance to personally tailor an unforgettable experience in Watamu with the Lonno Lodge renown world-class dining.

Having the full run of the Lodge and its team of staff is ideal for very special celebrations with family and friends.

Lonno Lodge’s guest rooms each offer a unique perspective of the Indian Ocean, from the magnificent Top Tower Room with its exclusive top roof terrace to the huge family Suite facing the ocean and the mature tropical garden. A self-contained ocean oasis, The Lonno Lodge offers an ideal blend of space, intimacy and privacy allowing a small group to stay together whilst also enjoying a relaxing and luxurious personal retreat.

Compare the Lonno Lodge to a traditional villa for rent:

a Rental VillaThe Lonno Lodge
Max. number of bedroomsvarious8 with bathroom
Max. number of guestsvariousup to 24
Cleaning before arrivalincludedincluded
Cleaning during stayadd’l costsincluded
Final cleaningincludedincluded
Breakfastadd’l costsincluded
Lunchadd’l costsincluded
Dinneradd’l costsincluded
Swimming poolincludedlarge, included
Houseboyincludedstaff of 22
Securityadd’l costs4 Askaris h24
Owner presencenormally noton-site
Ocean frontvery rarespectacular
Minimum stay1 week2 nights
Final cost per nightimpossible to estimatedepending on meals
min 10 guests

Book Now!

Book now your exclusive lodge! Availability is clearly limited, because a single reservation from others may prevent you from having the lodge all to yourself on the very same days you want.
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Terms & Conditions:

  • please get in touch with us for a quotation for booking the whole Lonno Lodge; final price depends on number of meals to be prepared, i.e. depends on the number of guests occupying the lodge
  • minimum 10 people
  • minimum stay 2 nights
  • exclusive use of the entire lodge, i.e. 4 rooms with double bed and 4 suites from 3 to 5 beds each regardless of the number of the guests
  • all the rooms/suites have double beds, a few have twin beds, no single-bed rooms available
  • owners and staff always present and available
  • access and use of the kitchen reserved for staff
  • possibility of personalized menus: children’s menus, menus with Kenyan dishes, vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, etc..
  • a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the reservation, balance to be paid at least 30 days before planned check-in
  • offer subject to availability
  • offer not valid at Christmas and New Year
  • offer may not be combined with other offers
  • in case of cancellation with at least 30 days notice prior to arrival, a voucher of the same amount will be issued to be used within 12 months from issuing (blackout dates apply, changes incur possible rate adjustment)
  • in case of cancellation with less than 30 days notice prior to arrival, the total paid amount of the reservation, deducted the 50% non refundable deposit, will be converted into a voucher of the same amount to be used within 12 months from issuing (blackout dates apply, changes incur possible rate adjustment)
  • It’s like having a free dates change.

We warmly suggest to get a Travel Insurance to also cover you from unforeseen events, flights cancellations included.