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Gluten free restaurant?

Combining our traditional hospitality with the renown mouthwatering cuisine in a gluten-free restaurant.

A while ago one of our guests came to me with a humble question: “By chance, Silvia, do you know any good nearby gluten free restaurant, for coeliacs?” The request took me by surprise, because we prepare gluten-free meals since the opening of our activity, and in that very same moment I realized that probably we never mentioned nor specified it properly on our web site! Shame on us 🙂 .

Gluten Free restaurant

In fact several of the dishes on our menu are naturally gluten-free, and our personnel is also trained on avoiding cross-contamination, which is clearly as important as using the proper ingredients when cooking meals for coeliacs. For many other dishes we simply use gluten free flour, as it is the case for bread, cakes and biscuits and also to make fresh pasta.

Do you want to know my replay to that guest looking for a gluten free restaurant? Well, after apologizing for not having at least a mention on our website (which is now fixed) I arranged to prepare him a great gluten-free dinner.

That night he had:

You can find more dishes, and recipes, on our cookbook.